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Developing Digital Tools | Improving Family Help webinar

Equipping local authorities to develop and optimise their blended offer in family support services

Family Hubs Network members have sharpened our awareness of the ways in which they have innovated to reach, communicate with and deliver services to families during the pandemic, using digital tools to find new solutions in difficult times.

As Family Hubs and their networks of connected services are developed in local authorities across England, a ‘blended offer’ of digital and physical support is an essential component to ensure that families can access support, and better outcomes are achieved, through a sustainable model of service provision.

On the 12th January Family Hubs Network chaired a 90-minute zoom webinar, with live speakers and a Q&A, aiming to give insight into local authorities’ experience of digital tools, to discuss the opportunities and limitations, and equip attendees in developing their blended offer of family help. Use this page to catch up on the webinar, access slides and resources, and view our live Q and A.

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