Family Hubs are centres which enhance integrated working by enabling easier access and better outcomes for families, more effective service delivery, and smarter use of budgets.

We want every community, in all four nations of the United Kingdom, to enjoy the benefits of Family Hubs, so all families who need support can access it.

As the original champion of Family Hubs, the Family Hubs Network has accrued considerable knowledge and developed extensive relationships with all stakeholders. We are well placed to connect those running Family Hubs with others and provide information and resources through our website, events, conversations and consultancy projects.  

We advocate for the spread of Family Hubs by increasing awareness and sharing good practice among national and local policymakers, commissioners and service providers. We disseminate news about innovative and effective work on the front line of family support. 

The Family Hubs Network is not affiliated to a political party and does not receive any government funding.

Growing the national network of Family Hubs

We and others have been championing Family Hubs for over a decade and new ones are opening all the time through ‘bottom-up’ change which we want to help policymakers and politicians in national and local government understand. We set up the Family Hubs Network as an infrastructure organisation to help grow and give shape to this emerging movement.

Since 2020, Family Hubs have been government policy and funding has been provided for more than half the upper tier local authorities in England to implement Family Hubs.  

Many others who did not receive funding are also on a journey of change to implement fully an integrated Family Hub model. 

We provide a learning environment for all councils and other stakeholders, including health, police, education, voluntary and private sector, so they can develop their own local Family Hub network of family support.  Our resources include examples of good practice, journeys of system change and how Family Hub deliverers and their partners have formally and informally evaluated their progress. 

In July 2020, at the Family Hubs: Building Back Better webinar, Lord Farmer explained why he founded the Family Hubs Network with Dr Samantha Callan and why he wants every community in all four nations of the UK to enjoy the benefits of Family Hubs so that all families that need support can access it.