80% of parents are concerned about children's access to smartphones - Family Hubs Network polling finds

Family Hubs ensure families with children aged 0-19 can access integrated early help to overcome difficulties and build stronger relationships.

The Family Hubs Network Ltd is an independent, not-for-profit organisation supporting local authorities and public, voluntary and private sector stakeholders as they implement Family Hubs.

We want every community, in all four nations of the United Kingdom, to enjoy the benefits of Family Hubs, so all families who need support can access it.

The Family Hub Network:

What is a Family Hub?

Family Hubs are local support centres where families with children and young people aged 0-19 can access a broad and integrated range of early help to overcome difficulties and build stronger relationships. This is often co-located with superb early years health care and support, such as in children’s centres. Hubs are also springing up in schools, community centres and other places where parents feel welcome.

Why do we need Family Hubs?

Raising children in the midst of other challenges is far from easy and families do not just need support when children are young. When early help is not available and parents have to struggle alone, children often have more physical and mental health problems, under-perform at school and are much less likely to fulfil their potential in other areas. Every year increasing numbers of children are taken into local authority care. More effective early intervention is needed in every community to reverse this trend.

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