What We Do

The Family Hubs Network delivers consultancy and advocacy, as well as ensuring Network members are informed and consulted about Family Hubs developments.


We work with local authorities, voluntary sector organisations and other partners, to implement and further develop Family Hubs. By drawing on our extensive knowledge, expertise and experience, gathered over 15 years, we help clients achieve their objectives.  To this end, we offer a range of services related to every stage of the Family Hub journey, from the initial exploration phase, through to implementation, evaluation and improvement.

Every local Family Hub network is unique, because they address specific local needs, and build on local strengths and existing infrastructure. Thus, designing and implementing a Family Hub model involves careful analysis and understanding of the local situation, as well as nuanced reference to models elsewhere in the country, in order to benefit from the experience and good practice of statistical neighbours and similar contexts.

How we can help you

There are three main groups of clients we work closely with:

Local authorities funded to deliver Family Hubs

We support local authorities who have successfully bid or applied for funding, as they explore, design and implement Family Hubs.  We can provide ongoing input, throughout the transformation process, or at key stages along the way.

Local authorities developing Family Hubs without additional funding

Some local authorities, who adopted the Family Hubs model before specific funding was available, were motivated by the ambition to be more cost effective, as well as to deliver better outcomes.  Many have achieved impressive results, and made substantial savings.  Learning from these examples, we can help local authorities to replicate these benefits, through creating a cost-effective Family Hub design which delivers what families need.

Voluntary and private sector 

Voluntary and private sector partners play an important role in every local Family Hub network, through the people and relationships, services and venues, and the vital connections they provide.  We work with partners in these sectors, to develop their offer, and integrate it within the local Family Hub network, drawing on policy and funding insight, and building partnerships with relevant stakeholders, locally and nationally.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Local data analysis of systems and population needs, using FHN’s bespoke assessment tool
  • Theory of change creation
  • Evaluation and outcome framework design
  • Business plan development
  • Local Family Hub network design, drawing on FHN knowledge of Family Hub models in local authorities across England
  • Stakeholder engagement in every stage of the process, from exploration to implementation, through workshop facilitation and one-to-one interviews as required
  • Implementation involving readiness testing, process planning, project management and governance arrangements

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The Family Hubs Network developed the Family Hub concept by gathering evidence from innovating local authorities, and informed government policy. We continue to advocate for effective implementation of Family Hubs and a culture of continuous improvement.

With our extensive network of stakeholders across public, voluntary and private sectors, we consult widely and frequently to gain insights into frontline experience gather good practice, and understand the factors which enable, or hinder, good outcomes. We share key learning points with our network, and inform decision makers and policy developers so a wide range of perspectives are brought together to progress Family Hubs policy and practice. We want all families to benefit and, in particular, outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged families to be transformed.

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The Network

Everyone interested in Family Hubs is welcome to join our Network of over 430 Family Hubs, consisting of more than 2,300 people, who represent public, private and voluntary sectors. They work in every field relevant to supporting children and strengthening families, from local authorities, health, education and police to charities providing family support and specialist services, local community groups and faith organisations.

The Network gathers and shares good practice, and keeps members abreast of Family Hub implementation and developments, including government initiatives and the relevant work of other stakeholders. We continue to investigate how Family Hubs and local networks of support can achieve their objectives effectively and continue to improve, through learning from each other.

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