Types of Family Hubs

Rather than a costly outlay on new infrastructure, a Family Hub model makes use of existing facilities wherever possible and extends and adapts buildings where necessary.

Some buildings are known locally as Family Hubs. There are also facilities which host a Family Hub and these include; GP surgeries, Children’s Centres, health clinics, schools, registry offices, community centres, church and faith community venues, Citizens Advice Bureaux and local libraries. 

Some Hubs are virtual – there is no one building that serves as the Hub, rather the Hub is an integrated multi-agency network that often meets together to discuss cases or their local family support strategy. Many of the professionals and partners are based in buildings which act as delivery sites. 

Mutual Venture CEO Andrew Laird presents ‘Exploring and Implementing Family Hubs’, and outlines the process of system change

The work of all Hubs can be complemented by a digital/online offering which enables parents to access many services in a way that is completely non-stigmatising, at a time and place which suits them. In the current Covid-19 crisis, many Hubs have switched to functioning mainly in this way. 


Expanded Civic Buildings

Health Settings

Repurposed Children’s Centres


Virtual Hubs