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Posted 27th July 2020

On 22nd July 2020, we hosted a webinar with Mutual Ventures exploring the Family Hub model of integrated local public services.

“Great opportunity to join colleagues from all round the country at the Family Hubs: Building Back Better webinar on 22/07/2020 to share ideas and practice about Family Hubs. Very well organised by Mutual Ventures and hosted by Lord Farmer and the Family Hub Network, who really are championing the way forward and whose continued support and encouragement is very much valued and appreciated. As for the Isle of Wight, Rachel from Barnardo’s, who are commissioned to provide our Family Hubs, and I have been good colleagues for years. Ten minutes was a challenge to share what we do and the evolution of our Family Hubs but the feedback, learning from others and questions and answers have given us more ideas and plans. Family Hubs are even more important and essential to families during these times and will be more so in the future. Talking of which, Rachel and I thought to arrange and host a Family Hub day out on the Isle of Wight next Spring and invite you to come over and meet those involved, warm sunshine guaranteed.”

Simon Dear, Service Manager – Strategic Development and Commissioning, Children’s Services Department, Isle of Wight Council.

We’re excited about Simon and Rachel’s invitation to Family Hubs Network members to meet together on the Isle of Wight in the Spring, hosted by the Isle of Wight Council and Barnardos. Do contact us for more information and we will have more information on the website nearer the time:

Watch the recording of the webinar! (1h 30)


View the slides which our contributors presented… (PDF)

Our Speakers

Isle of Wight Council

The Isle of Wight Council worked with Hampshire County Council to transform their Children’s services from ‘special measures’ in 2013 to ‘good’ in 2019. Key to this was pioneering an ‘early help’ Family Hubs model.

Doncaster Council

Doncaster Council has 10 years of experience of the Family Hub model with 12 Family Hubs in the area, and a particular focus on measuring outcomes.

Essex County Council

Essex County Council has implemented an innovative Family Hub model with ‘early help front doors’ in high footfall venues (such as the local library), with a real emphasis on developing a healthy system.

The webinar was Chaired by Lord Farmer, founder of the Family Hubs Network and Andrew Laird, Managing Director at Mutual Ventures.

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