UK Community Renewal Fund 2021-22

Posted 31st March 2021
Dreary city

The Government has introduced the 90% revenue UK Community Renewal Fund (CRF) to support people and communities most in need across the UK. This £220 million funding aims to better align and unite national and local provision as the Government focuses on ‘levelling up’. The funding is intended to tackle local challenges, assist local businesses, support communities and places and provide employment. 

It will support and incentivise communities to pilot programmes and new approaches as a precursor to the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, a flagship policy that will be introduced in 2022 to deliver on the Government’s commitment to level up the country.   

This is an exciting opportunity for local authorities, including constituency MPs, to obtain funding to implement Family Hubs as part of a bigger package of measures: transforming the service provision landscape to create better awareness of and access to family support that is more effective, integrated and helps whole families, and building stronger and more resilient communities. The Government has identified 100 priority places in Wales, Scotland and England whose bids for funding will be prioritised. All bids must demonstrate that they build upon local knowledge, have long-term strategic plans for growth and target people most in need. 

The initial shortlist of projects must be submitted to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government by 12pm on Friday 18 June 2021 by emailing UK Further deadlines and more information about the CRF can be found on the Government policy page

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