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Reducing Parental Conflict Challenge Fund – Celebration & Learning Event

Posted 26th January 2021
© Photo by Dan Burton

The Department for Work and Pensions has announced a Reducing Parental Conflict Challenge Fund Celebration and Learning event on the 10th February. Registration opens at 9:45am, with the event starting at 10:00am and finishing at 12:30pm.  

The RPC Challenge Fund is made up of 10 innovative projects that were tasked with gathering learning on what works to reduce parental conflict in two streams:    

  • projects providing support to particular cohorts of disadvantaged families 
  • projects developing new ways to digitally engage families in conflict. 

The event is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate the successes of these projects, and share stories of how the projects have positively affected where destructive parental conflict was damaging children’s well-being. The event will also share advice about engaging with more disadvantaged groups of people, learnt from the delivery of the 10 projects. 

The event will be organised into four themed presentations: 

  • New ways to digitally engage families in conflict 
  • Support for families who are separating – mediation 
  • Targeted support for families in conflict with more complex and specific needs 
  • Supporting parents in conflict through parenting programmes. 

Follow this link to register for a place.

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