New funding announced for Family Hubs

Posted 5th November 2021

We welcome the government’s recent announcement of £500 million towards families and early years services, in line with their 2019 manifesto promises. The £82 million specifically for Family Hubs indicates the government’s increasing commitment to supporting families, providing the right help at the right time. In the words of Minister for Families, Will Quince, at the launch of the National Centre for Family Hubs, “The Government believes in the family hub model.”  

In the same speech, a £12 million Transformation Fund was announced, which will be distributed between twelve local authorities who make successful bids for their own Family Hubs. Momentum is gathering for the rollout of Family Hubs across the UK now the National Centre for Family Hubs has been launched, and the Family Hubs Network looks forward to continuing to support and assist local authorities as they develop local Family Hub models. 

Building on the positive legacy of Sure Start, the Family Hubs model recognises the importance of early years and early help; every child deserves the best start in life and many families need support from the very beginning. That is why we were encouraged by the government’s £10 million investment in Start for Life services, and why Family Hubs deliver excellent early years services. 

Uniquely, Family Hubs do not stop helping families after those early years. Building on the relationships established and recognising the continuing importance of guidance and services for families, Family Hubs support families with children up to nineteen years of age, or twenty-five years for those with special educational needs.   

Endorsement of Family Hubs is a recognition that stable, happy families are vital for the flourishing of a society. We hope that the Chancellor’s budget marks the beginning of a new phase in Britain, and echo Minister Quince’s desire for “support for families to be a golden thread that runs through government”. 

Image credit: Picsea

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