Virtual Family Hubs

These are networks of services that work together in an integrated way in a local area. Often this will involve key people from all these services meeting virtually or physically to discuss individual cases and how families’ issues can be best resolved. Buildings are delivery sites connected by relationships between these service providers (who may be co-commissioned to work with families) rather than being the Hub themselves. 

Both physical and virtual hubs, or hubs that are a hybrid of the two, coordinate statutory, private and voluntary approaches to tackling the root causes of intergenerational poverty, family breakdown and poor outcomes for children. 

For example, in Northern Ireland there are 24 Family Hubs which are networks of family support professionals who meet regularly, in charitable and other venues, to discuss families needing early help. At these Hub meetings key decisions are taken about who is best placed to help a family, given their unique circumstances, and reviewed at future points.