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Family Hubs essential for national domestic abuse prevention strategy

Posted 10th February 2021
Lord Farmer
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Whilst debating the Domestic Abuse Bill in the House of Lords, Family Hubs Network co-founder Lord Farmer emphasised the importance of Family Hubs’ role in strengthening families for a national strategy to prevent domestic abuse, saying: 

‘As well as being a crime, domestic abuse is a problem with a relationship or set of relationships, and if we are ever to get ahead of its dreadful curve, a cross-government approach to strengthening families before, during and after abuse occurs is utterly foundational. 

‘Evidence suggests that the most powerful contributors to domestic abuse in our society are rooted in the relationships people have and are witnesses to when they are young. This needs to be addressed in a prevention paradigm. Childhood exposure to domestic violence and child physical abuse are two of the most powerful predictors of both perpetrating and receiving domestic abuse as an adult. Domestic violence between parents increases the likelihood of violence in their children’s later relationships by 189%.  

‘Childhood neglect can mean that individuals enter adult life unable to regulate their emotions and communicate with others.  

‘A prevention strategy would acknowledge the effects of low income, substance misuse and culture, but primarily focus on early intervention in families and be explicit about the relational character of domestic abuse. It would highlight the role of family hubs as places people can go to get help in this area, including when early signs of violence are seen in children and young people. In summary, families and family relationships can no longer be neglected in solutions to this most heinous of social problems.’ 

His whole speech is available here and see him in action @TheLordFarmer

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