£20 Million for Family Hubs and Related Projects

Posted 24th August 2021

The Government has announced a £20 million boost for Family Hubs, awarded from the Treasury’s Shared Outcomes Fund and split into two separate projects. 

A £10 million ‘Transformation Fund’ is destined to help local authorities launch Family Hubs in up to 10 new areas and enable more vulnerable families to access valuable support and early help. The Government has launched a National Centre for Family Hubs, run by the Anna Freud Centre, to help found Family Hubs and promote best practice. Dr Camilla Rosan, Head of Early Years and Prevention at the Anna Freud Centre, said ‘The evidence is clear that early help is what makes the most difference to the wellbeing of children and their families, and Family Hubs will sit at the heart of communities providing this support.’ 

The Growing Up Well project will be expanded with the remaining £10 million. Digitally-focused, some of its key aims are to improve information sharing between professionals and improve the ‘user experience’ for families. Earlier this month the Government launched Round 2 of the project, and is looking for three more local authorities to develop digital products with, which we reported on recently (‘More funding released for DfE’s Family Hubs – Growing Up Well project’, 9th August)

Children and Families Minister, Vicki Ford, said how the investment will mean that ‘even more parents and children can access the early health and education services we know can have a lifelong positive impact.’ You can find out more in the government press release ‘£20m to provide more early help for vulnerable families’.  

Photo by Simon Rae from Unsplash ©

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