Why Family Hubs?

We and others have been championing Family Hubs for over a decade and new ones are opening all the time through ‘bottom-up’ change which we want to help policy-makers and politicians in national and local government understand. We set up the Family Hubs Network as an infrastructure organisation to help grow and give shape to this emerging movement. We want to provide a learning environment where local authorities and others can share examples of good practice, journeys of system change and how they have formally and informally evaluated their progress.

In July 2020, at the Family Hubs: Building Back Better webinar, Lord Farmer explained why he founded the Family Hubs Network with Dr Samantha Callan and why he wants every community in all four nations of the UK to enjoy the benefits of Family Hubs so that all families that need support can access it.

Through the website we aim to map how this movement for early and accessible family support is growing across the country and systematically capture:

  • What types of Hub are operating. 
  • Where these Hubs are. 
  • What specific, local needs they are meeting.

The term ‘Family Hub’ means different things to different people and centres which operate as Family Hubs are often called different things such as integrated hub, children’s hub and early help hub or are still referred to as children’s centres or family centres.

So we aim to bring clarity to the term and help those who want to become Family Hubs to evolve and improve their practice by learning from others in the Network.