Lard Farmer

Lord Farmer – Founder

Michael Farmer has been a metals trader all his working life but got involved in politics to support policies which strengthen families. Since becoming a member of the House of Lords, he has been commissioned by the Ministry of Justice to carry out two reviews on how male prisoners’ and female offenders’ family ties can be strengthened to prevent reoffending and intergenerational crime. More generally he has highlighted the negative ramifications across society of family breakdown and promoted the need for better support for all families who need it and the strengths of the Family Hub model.

Lord Farmer’s website.

Dr Samantha Callan

Dr Samantha Callan – Co-founder and Director

Samantha Callan is a published academic who has been involved in research and policy development to strengthen families for the last two decades. She has written several influential policy reports on family breakdown, the importance of children’s early years, family law reform, early intervention, mental health and domestic abuse.  She has been championing Family Hubs since 2007.

Catherine Barker

Catherine Barker – Head of Development

Catherine Barker is a committed advocate of the benefits of strong family relationships and equipping people in every situation with relational capability. Her work since 2011 has spanned promoting parenting, anger management, healthy relationship programmes and campaigning for improved Relationships & Sex Education in schools. As an experienced network builder, she drives the growth and development of the Family Hubs Network.

Olly Barker – Analyst and Client Relationships Manager

Olly Barker is passionate about helping the vulnerable and at risk in society find the help and support they need. He has worked in a number of charitable and voluntary settings, and is a committed supporter of the Family Hubs model, recognising the support of families as a key foundation in the development of healthy communities. His work concentrates on connecting with and supporting developing and operational Hubs across the country, and helping providers connect and share knowledge with each other.

Jacob Anderson – Researcher

Jacob Anderson is interning for the Family Hubs Network this year, whilst working as Lord Farmer’s parliamentary researcher. He has a budding interest in social policy and the ways local authorities can work with the private and voluntary sectors as a vehicle for change.